Fun Facts…

  • The Mustang was not named after a horse. The Ford Mustang’s name derives from a World War II fighter jet.
  • The Mustang was named after a horse, not a P-51 Mustang fighter jet.

Well, we’ll settle this debate.  The Mustang was originally pitched to be named after the P-51 and it was rejected because the target audience wasn’t thought to be receptive of the name.  When the same name was pitched attached to a horse in motion it was seen as far more romantic and acceptable.  Keep reading to see who the target audience was for the original Ford Mustang.  (source:

More Fun Facts and did you knows?

  • The Ford Mustang made its official debut at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City.
  • The first Mustang to roll off of the assembly line was a white convertible.
  • 1966 marked the year in which the most Mustangs were sold (607,500), followed by 1965 (559,500), and then 1967 (472,000).
  • The 2015 Mustang was the first of its kind to come with Independent Rear Suspension.
  • Despite its macho image, the Mustang was originally marketed towards women.
  • The first Ford Mustang was sold on April 15th, 1964 two days prior to the 1964 World’s Fair.  The owner, Gail Wise, still owns the car to this day (verified in 2018).  More details can be found in an article from